Southern California was one of the places where Anita Chan, founder of Anita B Spa, got her start in the beginning of her career as an esthetician working with doctors and opening up medical spas in the Los Angeles area. La La land, with it's beautiful weather, california coastal environment and eventful lifestyle has always been a second home so she's excited to expand her services back to her community in LA and OC.

ANITA B: Customized Facial
75 min. / $250

Anita will consult with you and assess your skin prior to each session to determine a treatment customized for your needs to achieve your skincare goals. Treatments can consist of dermaplaning, superficial peels, glassy glow nano-needling, micro-current, oxygen blasts, etc. Your skin will result in a brighter, smoother, clearer, firmer and more radiant appearance after each session!

G.E.L. Lashes Superboost Lash Lift
60 min. / $165
This is a non-toxic, paraben, formaldehyde, ammonia free formula made from Europe.  With this procedure your natural lashes are lifted up and filled with special pigment infusion.  As a result, you have thick, dark lashes that beautifully curves upwards for 8-12 weeks.


Permanent Makeup: Microblading Eyebrows
2 hours / $720 
Includes one touch-up appointment within 2 months.

Permanent Makeup: Nano Brows
2.5 hours / $800
Includes one touch-up appointment within 2 months.