Our team at ANITA B SPA loves people, beautiful skin, and creating relaxing environments. Want to know our favorite beauty hacks and why we love doing what we do? Read our bios below. We can’t wait to meet you!



Past experience: I’d say my beauty specialty is skin care and permanent makeup.  I’ve been in the beauty industry since I was 14, starting off doing makeup then working at luxury spas and medspas around Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Must-have beauty product: Besides my skin care regimen, brow makeup and lip mask.

Best beauty hack: Cold brewed tea bags for the eyes and honey aspirin mask for breakouts.

How I spend free time: Traveling to explore the world or with my friends and family. Everybody is super busy living their daily lives, so any chance I get to see my loved ones is precious to me.

Favorite thing about San Francisco: I was born and raised in San Francisco, and what I love most is the energy and intelligence.

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Elain Sprague Stuebe

Past experience: Ever since my Korean mother used to scrub me down, splash toner on and rub in cold cream in my face, I have been fascinated with the beauty industry. In 2003 I attained my esthetician license to start a skin care company, my family jump-started at the same time.

Must-have beauty product: A good black eyeliner dresses everything up. I carry sunscreen EVERYWHERE all the time.

Best beauty hack: Hold a chilled spoon to closed eyes to reduce puffiness. Use any excess eye cream on the neck and décolleté.

How I spend free time: If I’m not in the spa, with my family, or outdoors, I’m in my art studio. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and create abstract acrylic paintings and collages.

Best thing about San Francisco: SF is a beautiful, beloved city across the world, where people are free to be who they are. Taking a walk through Golden Gate Park one a fine spring day and enjoying a meal at a neighborhood joint is one of the best attitude adjustments you’ll ever have. We are fortunate!

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Past experience: I discovered my passion in skin care when I was a flight attendant.  I was constantly looking for ways to take care of my skin and ease the damage from frequent flying.  After retiring my wings and working in different industries, I decided to pursue my passion in skin care and obtained a license in esthetics.  I’m passionate in helping others feel beautiful inside and out. 

Must-have beauty product: Cle de Peau concealer. Shu Uemura hard formula eyebrow pencil and most importantly…sun screen.

Best beauty hack: Use a compact that contains SPF – it allows you to touch up your makeup and apply sunscreen at the same time.

How I spend free time: I love spending time with my family and friends – check out new restaurants in town or simply just have a small gathering at home.  I also like to take my fur baby to the park – watching him grass surfing puts a smile on my face every time. 

Favorite thing about San Francisco: I grew up in the Bay Area and I love San Francisco’s history and diversity. 

 Elizabeth Lifestyle


Past experience: My love for skin all began when I worked part-time at Ulta Beauty in 2016. I was always drawn more into skincare than makeup, and I wanted to do more than just sell skincare products. While I was in the works of becoming a Licensed Esthetician, I also obtained my Associates Degree in Allied Health Science and Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Natural Sciences. I’m currently in school and studying Dietetics/ Nutrition, and in hopes of meshing the two things I love: food science and esthetics.

Must-have beauty product: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched face base.

Best beauty hack: 

How I spend my free time: When I am not at school or work, I love to hang out with my friends and go on adventures. I love to eat! Trying out new food spots makes the day better. On other days I like sit back and relax at home, or even go on hikes with my dog.

Favorite thing about San Francisco:

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Past experience: Growing up with 3 sisters, I’ve been familiar with the beauty industry ever since I was young. I would spend so many hours watching YouTube tutorials that makeup quickly became something I loved doing. After a few years of wanting to be an Esthetician I finally decided to just go for it! I also took a lash extension course and instantly fell in love with doing lashes.

Must-have beauty product: Tatcha’s rice enzyme powder is my favorite daily exfoliator. It contains enzymes that are great for your skin while being free of harmful parabens and sulfates.

Best beauty hack: 

How I spend free time: 


 Desirae Lagandaon

Past experience: 

Must-have beauty product: 

Best beauty hack: 

How I spend free time: 

Best thing about San Francisco: 


             TSERING LHATSO

Tsering dedicated herself to understanding the body and its healing process through training in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Kinesiology at the Swedish institute in New York in 2004. Now she brings a combination of her training and 18 years of experience to the table to support clients in their healing process.
Tsering’s philosophy towards her practice,
- Freedom from  pain through knowledge and compassion.
- Maintain highest standard of integrity, professionalism, ethics and Compassion.
- Customize the session to an individual specific needs.
- Dig deeper to uncover the real root of your pain, treating it at the source instead of the symptom.
- Helping the body return to its naturally balanced state.
- Believe in single minute pricing.
-Practice within my scope of knowledge abilities and the law.
- Strongly maintain confidentiality.