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Dermaesthetic EGF-FGF Marvel Serum is a unique PowerBlend formula found in EGF/FGF MARVEL Serum is enriched with stem cells to assist the initiation of cellular regeneration and wound healing and develop a faster cellular renewal factor. The DBH EGF is a duo combination of serum treatment where the FGF stimulates the production of laminin and fibronectin by human fibroblasts. Both are important structural components of the Epidermal Junction. When tested in an ex vivo model of corticoid-induced skin aging, the DBH FGF stimulated the expression of collagen VII and laminin-5. These proteins are involved in the anchoring of the epidermis to the dermis at the Dermal junction. In the same model, the DBH FGF also prevent- ed the flattening of the dermal junction caused by the corticoid treatment.

In a clinical trial involving 27 female volunteers aged from 40 to 65, the DBH FGF reduced fine lines & wrinkles by as much as 29% after 28 days. Consumers agree that the DBH FGF provides an immediate well-being effect and renders the skin smoother, firmer and more even for a younger and more rested look.

Size: 1 oz

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