Our team at ANITA B SPA loves people, beautiful skin, and creating relaxing environments. Meet Anita, Ria and Cindy. Want to know our favorite beauty hacks and why we love doing what we do? Read our bios below. We can’t wait to meet you!


Past experience: I’d say my beauty specialty is skin care and permanent makeup.

Must-have beauty product: Besides my skin care regimen, CC cream.

Best beauty hack: Cold brewed tea bags for the eyes and honey aspirin mask for breakouts.

How I spend free time: Traveling to explore the world or with my friends and family. Everybody is super busy living their daily lives, so any chance I get to see my loved ones is precious to me.

Favorite thing about San Francisco: I was born and raised in San Francisco, and what I love most is the energy and intelligence.


Past experience: 

Must-have beauty product: 

Best beauty hack: 

How I spend free time: 

Best thing about San Francisco: 


Past experience: I am currently a licensed esthetician. I have one year of experience with lash extensions and two years as a beauty advisor.

Must-have beauty product: Boots organic facial oil with rose hip.

Best beauty hack: Using specific eye shadow colors to bring out a certain eye color. My thoughts are, “What are the first two thing people see when they see you?!” Brows and eyes!

How I spend free time: I like to spend my free time painting, hiking,  spending time with friends and family, and venturing out to new areas to explore.

Favorite thing about San Francisco: My favorite thing about this city is that there are a huge variety of districts full of great restaurants and boutiques. Every time I explore an area, it may be an area that I’ve been to many times, but somehow I always find something new, which I love.

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