Our team at ANITA B SPA loves people, beautiful skin, and creating relaxing environments. Want to know our favorite beauty hacks and why we love doing what we do? Read our bios below. We can’t wait to meet you!


Past experience: I’d say my beauty specialty is skin care and permanent makeup.  I’ve been in the beauty industry since I was 14, starting off doing makeup then working at luxury spas and medspas around Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Must-have beauty product: Besides my skin care regimen, brow makeup and lip mask.

Best beauty hack: Cold brewed tea bags for the eyes and honey aspirin mask for breakouts.

How I spend free time: Traveling to explore the world or with my friends and family. Everybody is super busy living their daily lives, so any chance I get to see my loved ones is precious to me.

Favorite thing about San Francisco: I was born and raised in San Francisco, and what I love most is the energy and intelligence.


Past experience: Since I got my license in 2006 I have been working in various skincare clinics and spas around the city.

Must-have beauty product: I LOVE retinol products! They help keep my skin bright, firm and clear. 

Best beauty hack: Mineral makeup always makes my skin look even toned with a glow without clogging my pores or irritating my skin.

How I spend free time: I love to spend my free time outdoors either hiking or on the beach.

Best thing about San Francisco: I’m born and raised in the city so I might be a little bias but I think it’s just so beautiful.  There is always so much history, culture and of course amazing food.


Past experience: Spa resort work in South Lake Tahoe, Social Beauty Co (Fillmore, SF), Freelance makeup including weddings, prom and fantasy makeup 

Must-have beauty product: Beauty Counters #1 Brightening facial oil & Beauty Counters Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation 

Best beauty hack:

How I spend free time: With my 10 yr old daughter, traveling and hot yoga.

Best thing about San Francisco: The food!  And it’s overall laid back vibe.


Past experience: 

Must-have beauty product: 

Best beauty hack:

How I spend free time: 

Best thing about San Francisco: 


Past experience: 

Must-have beauty product: 

Best beauty hack:

How I spend free time: 

Best thing about San Francisco: 


Past experience: I have been fascinated by the beauty industry since my Korean mother used to scrub me raw, sting me with astringent and slather on lotions.  In additon to my 15 year esthetician license, I hold a degee with honors in fine art; painting and drawing. 

Must-have beauty product: Anita B’s very own gel cleanser! 

Best beauty hack: Keep a spoon in the freezer for puffy eyes. 

How I spend free time: Beach, beer & babies.  Ok babies…but always beach and if I’m lucky , beer too.  

Favorite thing about San Francisco: Wherever I travel, being from SF matters – people all over the world have a special longing or memorable love of this place.  It’s like being a part of a global community that’s connected by this one, beautiful, open and progressive little-big town.


Past experience: I discovered my passion in skin care when I was a flight attendant.  I was constantly looking for ways to take care of my skin and ease the damage from frequent flying.  After retiring my wings and working in different industries, I decided to pursue my passion in skin care and obtained a license in esthetics.  I’m passionate in helping others feel beautiful inside and out. 

Must-have beauty product: Cle de Peau concealer. Shu Uemura hard formula eyebrow pencil and most importantly…sun screen.

Best beauty hack: Use a compact that contains SPF – it allows you to touch up your makeup and apply sunscreen at the same time.

How I spend free time: I love spending time with my family and friends – check out new restaurants in town or simply just have a small gathering at home.  I also like to take my fur baby to the park – watching him grass surfing puts a smile on my face every time. 

Favorite thing about San Francisco: I grew up in the Bay Area and I love San Francisco’s history and diversity. 


Past experience: 

Must-have beauty product:

Best beauty hack:

How I spend free time: 

Favorite thing about San Francisco: 

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